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Top 3 Ways Data Centers & Telecom Companies Can Leverage B2B Social Media Influencers PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 28 May 2020 06:57

B2B brands have discovered the power of social media influencers - taking a page from what consumer brand marketers have been using for several years. This form of targeted social media marketing leverages the influence of social media “heavy hitters” who have a reputation for creating and sharing great content - and have a vast network of followers to help them ‘move the needle’ with positive engagements.

JSA has partnered with Evan Kirstel, one of the top social media influencers in our industry.  Evan has a vast network of 400,000+ followers across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

TR sat down with Kirstel and Jaymie Scotto Cutaia, founder and CEO of JSA, to get their top 3 tips on how companies in our space can leverage influencer marketing to expand their social media exposure and get their voice heard over what can often feel like a “sea” of social media messaging.

TR: So, what’s your first tip for leveraging social influencers to help us with our social reach and engagement?

EK: First you can drive more relevant downloads for eBooks and more registration for webinars.

Social media platforms, especially LinkedIn, are incredible resources for lead generation - and social media influencers in our space, like Jaymie and I, have a captive, like-minded audience seeking out industry trends and solutions.

JSC: Absolutely. A well-crafted, timely eBook has the potential for great lead generation when promoted to the right audience and the support of an industry-specific social media influencer offers the potential to get more buy-in. Meanwhile, webinars have been exploding in popularity as an alternative to in-person events in the wake of COVID-19 and having an influencer promote it to their followers may be just the type of third-party endorsement your prospects need to register.

TR: Great idea- eBooks and webinar engagement.  What’s your second tip?

EK: Two words: Twitter chats.  Some folks call it tweet chats too-- these are real-time virtual events that can help establish your brand’s authority on an industry topic and support your thought leadership strategy. To leverage a strong Twitter presence, social media influencers are ideal partners to moderate these real-time conversations as well as promote the date, time and dedicated Twitter chat hashtags to their followers to increase participation.

JSC: Yes. Twitter chats can be very impactful and offer brands excellent venues to showcase their thought leadership, as well as get real-time feedback and insight into topics and pain points that matter to your audience.  You can also do similar chat events on LinkedIn too, depending on your target audience.

TR: Excellent-- Twitter or LinkedIn Chats. Ok so your last tip?

EK: As so many in-person events shift to virtual, social media influencers can make for great moderators. Not only are they very connected to trending topics, but their influence within their networks can help increase virtual event promotion and registrations.

JSC: Yes, we are proud to say Evan has joined JSA for several in-person roundtable discussions at industry events in the past, and it only made sense to leverage him to be one of our go-to moderators for JSA’s popular monthly Virtual Roundtables, which bring together some of the industry’s top executives to discuss very timely topics that matter to our community. Not only does he offer an incredible amount of industry knowledge to our Roundtables, but he also helps us share and promote our virtual events directly to a captive audience that follow him for his great industry insight and trust his suggestions.  We always see a greater number of registrations and day-of participation in our virtual events when we leverage Evan as both a promoter and moderator.

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For any industry marketer looking to increase social reach, authenticity, and trustworthiness, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, download JSA’s complimentary “7 Best Practices for Telecom Social Media in 2020” eBook here. To learn more about JSA’s new partnership with Evan Kirstel and how influencer marketing can help to expand your company’s social media reach, email the JSA team at [email protected].