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MEF19: “It’s Not Just the Engineering, It’s the People” - Dan Pitt PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 21 November 2019 08:03

As we come close to the end of yet another successful MEF event, Telecom Review had the opportunity to sit down with MEF’s Senior Vice President, Dan Pitt. In an exclusive interview, Dan Pitt reflects on MEF19, and the great changes he has seen year-on-year.

1) We are nearing the end of MEF19. What stood out for you at this year's event? What did you find most exciting?

I think it went great! I’ll tell you what excited me most. It’s not just the engineering; it’s the people. We have the best spirit of collaboration around this organisation. I see it in the sessions, at the booths and at the PoC. Companies are working together to solve real industry problems in an open, collaborative fashion. The enthusiasm was so high this year. The previous years have been fantastic but this year is even better. One of the themes this year is, of course, SD-WAN. More importantly, the industry is generating its own initiative, momentum and critical mass to get the rest of the industry on board to implement the same, abstract notions. I think it’s a tremendous step forward in the ecosystem.

2) As this is the sixth annual event, what are some of the big changes that you are seeing year-on-year?

SD-WAN is a buzzword this year. It has been in the works for many years. It is being applied this year. I’m seeing it deployed, scaled and applied to applications in many different scenarios.

The other thing that’s emerging is the importance of the Edge. I think SD-WAN is going to be a trojan horse for security at the Edge. It will be a platform for Edge applications including AI. Some people say SD-WAN is just a VNF in the MEC (Multi-Access Edge Computing). I think SD-WAN is going to be the tail that wags the dog.

3) Looking ahead to next year, what do you think will be the theme this time next year?

It will be Security as a Service (SaaS) on an SD-WAN platform at the edge, at the customer premises and at the core.


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