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AT&T and Tillman Build Hundreds of Cell Towers PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 02 January 2019 08:18

After signing an agreement with AT&T last year, Tillman Infrastructure has built hundreds of new macro cell towers for lease to AT&T. In addition, hundreds of tower builds nationwide are underway, completing on a monthly basis.

Over the past year, AT&T executed a plan, improved operations, and created new initiatives with Tillman to improve service while driving lower costs.

"Our work with Tillman Infrastructure exemplifies our future model for the cell tower industry," said Susan Johnson, executive vice president– Global Connections and Supply Chain, AT&T. "We're committed to working with vendors who offer a sustainable cost model while also delivering best in class cycle times and tower construction."

The progress with Tillman aligns with AT&T's commitment to provide customers with better speeds, reliability and overall performance. This tower build is also part of AT&T's overall rollout of FirstNet and our plan to deploy mobile 5G to keep up with booming mobile data usage. In fact, mobile data on the AT&T national wireless network increased more than 360,000% from 2007-2017.

"Tillman is proud of the progress we've made with AT&T, in such a short time," said Bill Hague, CEO of Tillman Infrastructure. "We're bringing a real alternative to the tower infrastructure space for all mobile operators, with competitive pricing and flexible lease terms that accommodate sustainable growth. We will continue to work aggressively to construct and operate thousands of additional sites, while improving capacity and coverage for the entire country, especially in underserved rural areas."

The new towers will continue to add to the overall communications infrastructure in the U.S., and fulfill the need for new locations where towers do not exist today. They will also serve as an opportunity for AT&T to relocate equipment from current towers with other landlords as leases expire.

AT&T is focused on creating a diverse community of suppliers and tower companies that embrace a sustainable business model. To that end, an agreement with CitySwitch was announced earlier this year. AT&T expects to continue to execute new lease agreements for new cell sites as they grow their network footprint across the nation.