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Nuage Networks Unveils SD-WAN 2.0 for the Enterprise PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 19 September 2018 12:04

Nokia is introducing the latest release of the Nuage Networks Virtualized Network Services (VNS) platform, offering the most powerful and secure end-to-end network governance across a multi-cloud environment, with complete visibility and control from a single management interface – or ‘single pane of glass’. Nuage Networks VNS is the industry’s first and only SD-WAN 2.0 offering that is more than a network connectivity platform, providing an infrastructure to deliver and orchestrate enterprise IT services across data centers, public cloud services, SaaS provider clouds and enterprise branch sites.

Telecom Review recently visited with Hussein Khazaal, VP of Marketing and Partnerships at Nuage in order to give our readers a good overview of this enhancement.

Enterprise IT departments have embraced the concept of SD-WAN, with sales forecasted for SD-WAN technologies to reach $3.6 billion ln in 2022. First-generation SD-WAN solutions have been limited in scope to automating and managing connectivity of branch offices, which are underserved by IP-VPN services. However, as more enterprises migrate their business applications to the cloud, they must provide seamless WAN connectivity. This includes connectivity not only between customer premises equipment at branch and regional sites, but also to their private data centers, SaaS providers and public clouds — all within a unified security and governance model. Moreover, there is demand from enterprise customers to leverage this infrastructure to deploy and manage Value Added Services including VoIP, Next-Generation Firewall, IoT, and WIFI Access.  Nuage Networks next generation VNS is the only SD-WAN 2.0 offer in the industry to solve these new enterprise IT challenges by providing a services platform with fully automated multi-cloud networking, the industry’s only end-to-end micro-segmentation with built-in actionable insight for anomalies and breaches, and a versatile architecture to deliver value added services anywhere. These seamless and automated capabilities deliver on the promise of agility and provide an immediate reduction in operational expenses and cost, operational consistency across a multi-cloud environment and the ability to offer a diverse set of applications and services that can be consumed at the branch and/or the cloud. Longer term, the platform enables enterprises to future proof their networks, addressing not only today’s IT challenges but quickly adapting to future needs. Nuage VNS is all software driven with no proprietary hardware.

Nuage Networks is continuing its strong push in the next generation SD-WAN market with recent contracts with service providers from around the world including Cogeco Peer1, Credit Andorra, Etisalat, Equal, Globe Telecom, NTT Com India, Telefonica, and Vertel in addition to over 50 service providers world-wide that have selected Nuage Networks VNS for their managed SD-WAN offering. With over 400 enterprise customers, Nuage Networks VNS is increasingly the choice of global carriers and enterprises looking to automate, secure and optimize their IT processes as well as their WAN, datacenter and public cloud networks.

Patrick Farges, sales & marketing leader at Orange X, noted, “The flexibility and high-level of automation provided to us by this SD-WAN 2.0 platform from Nuage Networks has unlocked new business opportunities and enabled us to rapidly launch new and highly differentiated network and security services. Working closely with Nuage Networks has helped us to adapt this advanced platform for the SME market”

UPMC was an early adopter of Nuage SDN to automate their entire network of datacenters to instantaneously establish the network services required to deliver cloud applications across thousands of tenants in a policy-driven manner. They have recently added Nuage SD-WAN 2.0 to take advantage of the secure network automation if offers to connect small doctor offices, extend the corporate network to the home using residential internet for various home-based groups, aggregate multiple underlays into their DC and upgrade legacy WAN infrastructure components within their private MPLS cloud.

Paul Parker-Johnson, Principal Analyst, ACG Research, said: “As enterprise applications become more and more diverse it's clear there is interest in IT teams in blending the capabilities of many clouds together – private and public, in IaaS, PaaS and SaaS – in secure, transparent multi-cloud service delivery platforms addressing user needs.  With its versatile and automated integration of user and application policies into the software of both private and public clouds as well as branch locations, allowing applications to run securely in any cloud, Nuage Networks’ SD-WAN 2.0 is in a position to be that platform for its customers.”

Sunil Khandekar, founder and CEO of Nuage Networks, said: “The industry is on the cusp of a big shift towards SD-WAN. Today, Nuage solidifies its SD-WAN 2.0 leadership, adding key features to improve the security and manageability of VNS, and further reinforces our founding vision to connect enterprise users to their applications without boundaries. By offering IT services over SD-WAN and combining them with Nuage’s core strengths in large scale networking and operational capabilities, Nuage Networks VNS establishes itself as the industry’s first and foremost SD-WAN 2.0 platform.”

Nuage Networks SD-WAN 2.0 addresses the modern enterprise network’s need to connect users to applications in a secure, programmable, automated and transport-agnostic manner. It’s the only SD-WAN platform in the industry to offer true end-to-end policy and data plane controls extending from users in branches to workloads in public or private clouds, as well as SaaS.

Beyond point security functions, Nuage Networks SD-WAN also offers the industry’s most comprehensive security across the entire network with the ability to not only offer end-to-end micro segmentation, but also detect threats and respond in real-time. This unique functionality protects against malicious unauthorized access, monitors all network communication across and within a branch to identify anomalies and violations of policies, generates automated actions by creating security rules in real-time based on real-time events and patterns.    To address the massive migration to virtualizing peripheral applications (e.g. VoIP gateways, IoT agents, and Wireless LAN controllers) through the deployment of third-party virtual network functions (VNFs), Nuage Networks SD-WAN 2.0 provides enterprises flexible infrastructure to deploy value added services, whether locally through hosting 3rd party VNFs on an x86 uCPE or service-chained in the datacenter or cloud, ending the complexity of installing and remotely managing dedicated purpose-built customer premises equipment or single-function appliances.