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Global Capacity Achieves Market Price Transparency through One Marketplace Access Exchange PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 25 August 2012 03:51

Hypercompetitive Markets Spur Unprecedented Growth in Quote
Demand and Order Volume Rates

Global Capacity, the leading telecommunications information and logistics company, announces that it is experiencing unprecedented market transparency in terms of its buy/sell quote volume, which has increased by 189% since this time last year.  The company attributes this growth to the adoption rate of users leveraging the knowledge of the One Marketplace platform to fully automate the off-net quoting process and fulfill orders via the One Marketplace Access Exchange where a multitude of customers and vendors are physically interconnected to provide best in class delivery at the prevailing market rate.

“The One Marketplace Access Exchange continues to set the standard for enabling an efficient and transparent access market,” commented Jack Lodge, President and COO of Global Capacity. “The access market remains complex and fragmented, and customers are looking for access ubiquity.  One Marketplace provides reliable and fully automated access quotes that are deliverable via the exchange.”

In the past twelve months, One Marketplace Access Exchange, an automated platform that connects customers and suppliers and enables efficient pricing, procurement, provisioning and management of access networks, has provided over 2.5 million automated quotes to over 104 customers globally. These market-based, competitive quotes represent automated pricing from over 200 global suppliers, and have a monthly recurring value of over $1 billion per month.  This transparency has caused well over 2,000 orders to be taken via automation from many new customers to One Marketplace.

“The One Marketplace Access Exchange has been the leading reason for our consistent growth and prosperity,” adds Global Capacity’s CEO, Patrick Shutt. “In the fourteen months since the sale of Global Capacity to the Pivotal Group, a leading private equity firm, the company has maintained a strong, debt-free balance sheet in addition to having positive EBITDA each month for the past seventeen months.”

According to Greg Hough, Global Capacity’s EVP of Network Strategy, the continued success and growth of Global Capacity demonstrates that the One Marketplace Access Exchange remains the market-enabling platform that creates transparency and extends reach in this historically fragmented market.