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Nokia Leading the Field in 5G and Fixed Wireless PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 06 March 2018 08:37

At the Mobile World Congress Event in Barcelona there are many new technology announcements. Nokia CEO, Rajeev Suri, announced at MWC 2018 that no company is better positioned than Nokia to deliver on 5G services. Suri said, "Last year, we said 5G was coming fast, but we understated it. It is coming really fast. Consensus in the market last year was that the first 5G capable devices would become available in volumes, and 3GPP compatible networks would be launched in 2019. However, the increase of the number of customers interested has accelerated and so has the market. Trials with commercial base stations and other network elements based on the official 5G-NR standards will start in the second quarter of this year."

Suri then stressed how he felt 5G will fundamentally change society and revolutionize our lives, whilst also highlighting how he felt Nokia was 'uniquely' positioned to 'win' at 5G.

He said, "The reality is 5G is not just 4G+. 5G is different. 5G is not just a new version of radio interface it is a complete redesigning of the network architecture. Whether you look at capacity, latency, slicing or speed, 5G is a massive step beyond where we are today. That performance will open a wallet of possibilities for consumers, businesses and everyone. 5G will really change how we live, work and play - and Nokia is uniquely positioned to win. That's a bold statement I know, but consider two points. First, Nokia's end-to-end portfolio is a powerful competitive advantage. Secondly, our product and service line-up is second to none."

Suri argued that no operator will be able to ignore the advantages of taking a single integrated approach, and no single company is better positioned to provide that than Nokia. Nokia's CEO added, "That's a remarkable competitive advantage, and one that will provide massive benefits both to us and our customers."

Nokia and Facebook on Fixed Wireless

Nokia and Facebook are working to accelerate the adoption of 60 GHz fixed wireless access technologies to deliver gigabit services and connect more people, faster. The 60 GHz band allows high-speed broadband connectivity in urban or suburban areas, complementing existing fiber. Nokia will combine its worldwide delivery capabilities and wireless passive optical network (WPON) with Facebook's Terragraph technology to launch global gigabit broadband trials in 2018 with select customers.

Nokia's wireless passive optical network (WPON) technology provides a wireless gigabit drop to the home for broadband access networks. Facebook's Terragraph technology is a 60 GHz, multi-node wireless system that delivers a low-cost solution for high-speed wireless access. Combining WPON with Terragraph's mesh-routing and multi-hop capabilities allows broadband providers to wirelessly deliver gigabit services over wider areas with high reliability and meet growing demands for ultra-broadband access.

Nokia and Facebook will also work together to accelerate IEEE's 802.11ay industry standard, leveraging Nokia's Wireless PON innovation and Terragraph's efficient TDMA scheduling capabilities. The goal is to create a strong platform and ecosystem for introducing 60GHz Terragraph-certified solutions to the marketplace, and deliver gigabit services to more people, sooner. 

Nokia last year launched its Wireless PON (WPON) solution, further expanding its fiber-to-the-most-economical-point toolkit. Wireless PON is based on 802.11ad WiGig technology and provides a wireless drop for fiber-to-the-home networks. Access points can be easily mounted on utility poles, street lights or a building facade, and deliver gigabit-per-second speeds to a self-installable WPON Home unit. By using the WPON solution rather than bringing fiber into every home, broadband providers can reduce up-front investment cost and deploy faster. 

Jeff Seal, Senior Wireless Analyst noted, "The collaboration of Nokia and Facebook is a perfect example of combining two strong solutions to bring gigabit broadband to more people faster.

Yael Maguire, VP of Connectivity, Facebook, said:  "Terragraph is designed to help providers deploy fast and reliable connectivity for people in urban areas. Our partnership with Nokia will help advance Terragraph by building a robust, open ecosystem of interoperable commercial solutions based on 60GHz technologies."