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PacketFabric Redefines How Companies Procure Access PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 14 February 2018 10:00

PacketFabric redefines how companies procure, consume, and manage their network connectivity services. Leveraging an entirely automated SDN-based network architecture and the latest in optical and packet switching technology, PacketFabric enables dynamic, real-time connectivity services between major carrier-neutral colocation facilities at terabit-scale. PacketFabric facilitates coast-to-coast connectivity between more than 150 premier colocation facilities across 17 U.S. markets, and enables simple, cost-effective, and scalable network deployment via its advanced Application Program Interface (API) and web-based portal. announces today the availability of PacketCOR, its cloud on-ramp product. PacketCOR enables direct, secure and scalable network connectivity to cloud products from any point on PacketFabric’s Layer 2, meshed private network.

Telecom Review recently visited with Jezzibell Gilmore, SVP of Business Development at PacketFabric in order to give our readers a better feel for this innovative Company. We first met her and the PacketFabric team at PTC 17 when they were first launching the company.

Cloud Connectivity

PacketCOR simplifies the process of establishing direct connectivity to cloud service providers, with options for dedicated connectivity or cost-effective, aggregated connectivity. At launch, PacketFabric offers connectivity to cloud service providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, Packet, and Markley Cloud Services. Cloud connectivity can be provisioned and managed using PacketFabric’s web portal or Application Program Interface (API). All networking services provided by PacketFabric are backed by a carrier-grade Service Level Agreement (SLA).

“We established PacketFabric in order to securely transmit big data at terabit-scale across their supercomputer network to interrogate the cancer genome in real time,” states Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, Chairman and CEO of NantWorks. “I am excited at the milestone of now connecting various Cloud Service Providers to enable broader access of the unique layer 2 networking capability afforded by their infrastructure.”

“They have seen a great demand for direct connectivity to cloud service providers, especially for high bandwidth connectivity,” comments Jezz. “Cloud services have matured, and today companies have increasing bandwidth requirements, as well as a growing need for secure connectivity. PacketCOR is an easy to use, simple to manage and scalable solution for bandwidth-intensive connectivity to cloud service providers.”


PacketDirect is an easy to consume, point-to-point connectivity solution backed by PacketFabric’s carrier-grade SLA. PacketFabric customers can use PacketDirect to instantly connect any two points on PacketFabric’s private network, regardless of physical location. PacketDirect delivers secure, reliable data transport at speeds ranging from 1Gbps to 100Gbps, with cost-effective and transparent month-to-month pricing for both metro and long-haul networking.

"PacketDirect is an aggressively priced product that is designed to fulfill our customers’ needs for simple point-to-point network connectivity,” Jezz told us. “By taking advantage of our automated SDN-based platform, PacketDirect dramatically reduces the amount of time required to procure and provision a point-to-point solution.” PacketDirect is now available at every PacketFabric-enabled location.


DE-CIX North America offers multiple Internet Exchange (IX) platforms across major carrier hotels and data centers throughout the New York-New Jersey metro market, and operates the only open and data center-neutral IX in the Dallas–Fort Worth market. The collaboration with PacketFabric will enable DE-CIX to provide peering capabilities to traditionally underserved markets. Moreover, end users can leverage PacketFabric’s network to reach DE-CIX services in a flexible, cost-effective manner from any of PacketFabric’s on-net locations.

“This collaboration allows PacketFabric customers access to the DE-CIX Internet Exchange platforms, enabling access to multiple types of services across a single port,” comments Ed d’Agostino, Vice President, DE-CIX North America. “The relationship helps us continue to deliver the most cost-effective and technically efficient method for interconnection available. Whether it’s for internet, transit or cloud-based connectivity, our North American customers now have options for effective delivery of all types of data.”


In 2017, their network engineering team was focused on expanding their presence across the United States. Their intention has always been to bring on-demand, hyper scalable and secure networking to a global audience.

They have recently reached an agreement with Aqua Comms to take advantage of AEConnect, its transatlantic subsea cable system, to expand their network outside of the United States. However, their partnership with Aqua Comms is just the first step. Their team is working to expand their presence into Canada, Europe, and Asia.

If you’re one of the many customers who have asked us “When are you coming to Tokyo?” or “Can I get a port in London?” or “Where can I connect to PacketFabric in Vancouver?” hang in there.

The PTC’18 Innovation Awards are designed to recognize the individuals and companies that have transformed the industry. The winning recipients were announced on January 23, 2018 at the inaugural Innovation Awards Gala during PTC’18 in Honolulu, Hawaii. PacketFabric and Aqua Comm’s highly innovative offering is the first-of-its-kind in the marketplace and allows smaller customers to easily purchase transatlantic submarine capacity on-demand. The solution combines PacketFabric’s SDN platform with Aqua Comms’ transatlantic subsea cable system, America Europe Connect-1 (AEC-1). Aqua Comms provides the subsea capacity on its cable system, and PacketFabric makes it easy to consume through its Software-defined Networking (SDN) platform. PacketFabric is provisioning secure, low-latency transatlantic capacity and extending the reach of its disruptive SDN platform into Europe by leveraging Aqua Comms’ subsea cable system.

“We are honored to have their CaaS platform recognized by PTC as the ‘Best Networking Innovation’ and ‘Best Application / Service Innovation’,” says Jezz . “Their innovative platform redefines how companies procure, consume and manage their network connectivity services. Their on-demand transatlantic CaaS offering, developed in collaboration with Aqua Comms, makes subsea connectivity easier to consume, not only for Over-the-Top content providers, multinational corporations and global enterprises, but for organizations of any size.”

PacketFabric’s CaaS platform enables dynamic, real-time connectivity services between major carrier-neutral colocation facilities at terabit-scale by leveraging an entirely automated SDN-based network architecture and the latest in optical and packet switching technology. This revolutionary offering is similar to modern, cloud-based architecture. Networking services are available on a month-to-month or usage-basis, eliminating the need to purchase fixed capacity circuits on inflexible, long-term contracts. The offering also helps SMBs future-proof their networks and is strategically designed to scale to petabits of capacity.