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HGC Launches SD WAN PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 17 July 2017 08:32

With the growth of data intensive applications, cloud computing adoption, and the popularity of IoT, all are contributing to the increase of data volume across enterprise networks, causing many enterprises to face various challenges. For instance, it is time-consuming for IT managers to manage the complex WAN network environment, and the budget for bandwidth becomes increasingly burdening. The case is particularly complicated for corporations with branches across the globe.

HGC introduced Hutch SD-WAN (Software Defined Wider Area Network) services to enable enterprises to manage network with less trouble, more agility, and better cost control. The Hutch SD-WAN platform aggregates bandwidth and can be integrated seamlessly to enterprises’ existing networks, enabling the delivery of any combination of MPLS, Internet, and mobile network. The beauty of seamless integration of multiple networks lies on the limitless of network selection.  It enables a path to public internet for apps which are not latency critical, while reserving data capacity for more mission critical applications.  As a result, non-critical data can be offloaded to secured Internet network, freeing up MPLS bandwidth for business critical data. This automatic distribution method can save cost by fully utilizing network resources. Shifting IT responsibilities to HGC, they can enhance business efficiency by focusing their resources and time on their core business.

“We at HGC are pleased to launch our own SD-WAN platform. It is critical for enterprises to reach full resource utilization and cut cost wherever possible – and it is our mission to help them achieve so. With our existing international IP backbone network, high performance delivery, cost reduction, and security can be guaranteed.” Noted James Lai, Vice President - Product and Business Development, International Business, HGC.

Incorporating SD-WAN can bring plentiful advantages and improvement to the internal operations of enterprises.

1. SD-WAN helps optimize the performance of applications. Adopting customized traffic policies, application awareness can help control bandwidth needs. Traffic can be routed though the most efficient channel, thus improving application performance.

2. SD-WAN offers flexible control for enterprises, especially multi-national corporations with wide global coverage. Hutch SD-WAN comes with a centralized management portal that allows real-time control of network routing, performance monitoring, and bandwidth utilization. With a single interface, the controller allows network administrators to possess full control over the WAN and remote devices, managing and monitoring regional offices all at once.

3. Using SD-WAN reduces enterprises’ operational cost. By leveraging multiple links, such as HGC MPLS private network, 3G/ 4G mobile data, and local internet, WAN capacity can be aggregated to create enterprise-grade performance with commodity bandwidth and zero CAPEX.

4. SD-WAN provides secure connectivity. With end-to-end encryption and device authentication, there is strict access control over any type of transport.

HGC’s extensive MPLS network infrastructure across the globe allows enterprises to access farther reach. The delivery of direct Internet connectivity is carried out using their own international IP backbone network, guaranteeing customers the highest level of availability, and the lowest level of latency.

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