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Microsoft’s New Cross Pacific Subsea Cable PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 17 May 2017 05:28

The New Cross Pacific subsea cable (NCP) is being led by Microsoft and will terminate at ViaWest’s Brookwood Data Center in Hillsboro, Oregon. The Brookwood data center is a part of ViaWest’s CoastCom partnership, which gives it connectivity rights in the Hillsboro Data Center Ring. This will offer users not only access to the lowest latency subsea connection available, but cross-connectivity opportunities between ViaWest and the five other local data centers in the Ring. The connection will also provide direct access to hyperscale public cloud solutions – such as AWS – to ViaWest customers.

This is Microsoft’s first physical landing station in the US connecting NA to Asia and was developed with a consortium of partners including China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicorn, Chunghwa Teleco and KT Corporation. TE SubCom is the cable supplier for the project. For Microsoft – which has a 50 percent share of the project - the NCP will give customers high availability access to their data and the most reliable, accessible and secure cloud services on the market.

Spanning more than 13,000 km, the NCP Cable Network will link Hillsboro, Oregon (U.S.A.) with connectivity to Chongming (China mainland), Nanhui (China mainland), Lingang (China mainland), Busan (South Korea), Toucheng (Taiwan), and Maruyama (Japan). Using state-of- the-art optical amplifier technology to achieve high performance and reliability in the transmission of multiple wavelength channel signals on multiple fiber pairs, the 100G repeatered cable system will deliver up to 80 Tbps of capacity.

The construction commencement of the NCP cable marks a significant moment for Microsoft and the consortium partners,” said Dave Crowley, Managing Director of Microsoft’s Global Network Procurement.

“TE SubCom is honored to play a key role in a project that will help to provide the infrastructure necessary in such a growing technological region of the world,” said Aaron Stucki, President of TE SubCom.

NCP will be designed to interconnect with other cable systems in the region to maximize the throughput of data, as well as to support future upgrades, with the expectation for the service to launch in late 2017.

Hillsboro is home to a ultra-high count fiber ring that connects six data centers, including ViaWest (x2), EdgeConnex, Infomart, Tata, and Digital Realty (TelX).

The fiber ring serves as a cross connect facility for several transpacific submarine cables, including FASTER, TPE, and TGN. Other cables that are coming to Hillsboro include New Cross Pacific and Hawaiki.

If you’re looking to exchange traffic with these cables and the first class data centers in Hillsboro, the Data Center Fiber Ring may be the solution for dark fiber cross connection in this market.