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PacketFabric: Building Disruptive Networking Technologies PDF Print E-mail

(L-R) William Charnock Chief Executive Officer and Jezzibell Gilmore SVP of Business Development

One year ago at PTC PacketFabric began their business. This year at PTC they will formally “launch” the operation. PacketFabric is a neutral software enabled interconnection platform that through automated provisioning of secure interconnections between networks facilitates business between clients and partners on their global ecosystem.

PacketFabric is led by a team of highly experienced telecommunications and software experts, with many years of experience building and operating some of the largest networks and platforms on the planet.

Telecom Review recently visited with William Charnock Chief Executive Officer, and Jezzibell Gilmore SVP of Business Development to give the Telecom Review readers an overview of some of the disruptive technology available in today’s marketplace.

At PacketFabric, they see that the difference between a good idea and a truly game-changing implementation often comes down to the technology and innovation being brought to the table. That’s why they created an entirely “greenfield”, purpose-built network, designed to deliver elastic network connectivity at cloud-like scales.

Using their entirely automated and purpose built SDN-based network platform, companies can now communicate with each other and each location, securely, reliably, and cost-effectively, with unmatched visibility and control over their network traffic.

By enabling the instantaneous provisioning of secure and reliable connectivity between their clients and partners across their global ecosystem, we aim to change the entire face of network-based commerce.

PacketFabric has their own network located in 11 markets and 32 locations that is available for their clients to connect. This includes many of the main carrier hotels across the US. Once they connect they have the capability to reach other locations at any of the Ethernet speeds from 1-100 GbE.

Utilizing a cutting-edge backend technology, they have designed a unique architecture which can cost-effectively scale a dynamic, virtualized layer-2 environment across tens of thousands of on-net nodes, and support tens of millions of interconnections. They believe this will be a key differentiator in the marketplace, allowing them to create a truly valuable ecosystem with unparalleled scope and reach.

They have also reimagined the way carrier-class transport services are delivered, pushing the boundaries of what can be done in bandwidth, density, and power efficiency, all to enable us to lead the 100GbE revolution. They designed their network around the need to deliver Terabits of capacity to every endpoint, all while maintaining market disruptive economics.

Their marketplace includes enterprise customers who find it difficult to navigate the “maze” of ordering from carriers. Their process is friendly and fast. They also find a marketplace in the datacenter realm where near instant connectivity is a plus!

And while all of this is great, it doesn’t help anyone if the service isn’t also powerful and easy to use. That’s why they designed a portal which allows customers to:

  • Easily find and communicate with partners across their global ecosystem.
  • Instantaneously provision interconnections with other parties, or even between their own ports enable seamless internal connectivity.
  • Have complete control over their ports and interconnections, with the ability to instantly reallocate resources as needed.
  • Gain valuable insight into their traffic, with real-time statistics and analytics  available for each network element.
  • Maintain their network effectively, with extensive troubleshooting tools and real-time access to information about network conditions.

All of these features are also available via the PacketFabric API, enabling deep integration with existing products and services.

2017 and Beyond

Will told us that expansion is definitely planned for 2017 with new sites in the US, Europe and potentially Asia