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TATA Communications: A Global Wholesale Network PDF Print E-mail

From the tiny electromagnetic coil of the first telephone in 1876 to the fiber-optic network that circles the globe today, technology has not only revolutionized the way we communicate – it has transformed our world and the way we live.

The Internet, some say, is ubiquitous. Some call it a digital age. Tata Communications calls it the “New World of Communications.

Telecom Review recently met with Conor Carroll, Senior Vice Presidenqt of Tata to get a better feel for what is new at Tata in order to give our readers an insight into their business.

“Tata continues to expand its network services in North America. We have a strategic agreement with New Jersey Fiber Exchange to bring more traffic to our New Jersey submarine cable station,” Conor noted. As the first “Tier 3 by the Subsea,” carrier-neutral colocation facility located within Tata Communications’ international Cable Landing Station (CLS), NJFX provides direct interconnection options at the cable head-end to service providers, enterprises, carrier-neutral operators, and cable companies.

The development of the new edge generates the ability for customers to take control of their networks instead of being forced to rely on traditional backhaul solutions.

Through their global network, the world’s largest, Tata plays a major role in the emergence of this new world. The Tata Communications Global Network reaches more than 240 countries and territories, 99.7% of the world’s GDP, millions of businesses, and billions of people. The network has advanced subsea cable networks, 500,000 kilometers long. Their terrestrial fiber network stretches 210,000 kilometers and their global Tier-1 IP network has more connections into more countries than any other carrier.

In voice, they are the world’s largest wholesale carrier. Their network handles 1 out of every 10 international calls and connects more than 70% of the world’s mobile carriers. On the Internet, they are a major Tier-1 IP provider, consistently ranked in the top five telecommunications companies on five continents, by internet route. They handle more than 24% of the global internet traffic, totaling more than 7,300 petabytes a month.

Their continuous efforts to innovate and our focus on customer needs, across a wide-range of industries, give them a clear understanding of the challenges their customers face and the solutions they require. Driven by this understanding, they have developed an award-winning portfolio of communication services that help them streamline and optimize virtually every aspect of their business.

Cloud Enablement and Storage

Tata Communications launched IZO™ Cloud Storage, a scalable storage service portfolio, adding to its IZO™ cloud enablement platform. Underpinned by the world's largest wholly-owned subsea cable network, IZO™ Cloud Storage is designed to address enterprises’ complex storage demands, as the volume of unstructured data – such as videos, social media posts, images, emails and customer details – is set to constitute 80% of the 125 Exabytes of data generated by organizations in 2017.

"The market needs a simple solution that can be used by all users and meets the needs of operating in an increasingly hybrid cloud environment, but importantly making sure the corporate data is secured according to the corporate governance policies."

The new storage service portfolio aims to support enterprises’ hybrid cloud adoption by combining network connectivity, cloud storage and data security. This eliminates the cost and complexity of working with a multitude of different storage software providers, network vendors and systems integrators, making the once difficult task of managing multiple storage environments – be it long-term data retention or high performance storage – much simpler.

“As data volumes continue to skyrocket while data retention and sovereignty regulations across industries tighten, companies today face three major challenges: cost, complexity and security,” says Genius Wong, President of Global Network, Cloud and Data Centre Services at Tata Communications. “Powered by our unparalleled global network, IZO™ Cloud Storage tackles each of these challenges in a simple yet ingenious way. Expanding our IZO™ platform with cloud storage capabilities is part of our mission to provide CIOs with the ability to manage every aspect of their cloud infrastructure as one.”

According to Ovum, the IT environment is changing rapidly from a simple on premise capability to a hybrid cloud arrangement where data needs to be available for these cloud workloads. Organizations demand higher levels of system and network availability, and cost-effective storage; however, all this must be managed and maintained by one department with one IT budget, creating tensions between conflicting demands and priorities. “The growth of public cloud storage offerings is adding to this complexity and has fueled the rise in ‘shadow IT’ – where line of business customers bypass the CIO and procure storage services themselves,” says Roy Illsley, Principal Analyst, IT Solutions at Ovum. “The market needs a simple solution that can be used by all users and meets the needs of operating in an increasingly hybrid cloud environment, but importantly making sure the corporate data is secured according to the corporate governance policies.”

Many industries are under increasing pressure to find new scalable and safe ways to store sensitive data. For example, owing to the adoption of 4K technology, there is an enormous amount of data generated in the media and entertainment industry. In many countries banks are also required to store their records for at least seven years to ensure regulatory compliance. And, hospitals require huge amounts of storage capacity for X-rays, ECGs and radiology images. Finally, ecommerce businesses need to store large amounts of data to ensure a seamless customer experience.

IZO™ Cloud Storage offers businesses unlimited storage capacity in Tata Communications’ owned and associated data centers in India, Singapore, Hong Kong and the UK, and enables the end-to-end management of data over the company’s global network.

The new service is also infinitely scalable, as enterprises are able to store unlimited amounts of data on a pay-as-you-grow basis with no CAPEX investment. And, unlike with many existing solutions, businesses will not have to pay extra for accessing or modifying their data, ensuring predictability of storage costs.

With up to 99.9% data availability, integration with Tata Communications’ managed security portfolio, and the fact that data stored within IZO™ Cloud Storage is spread across a ring network of data centers in each geography, the new storage service portfolio ensures data security and sovereignty even in the most tightly regulated industries.

IZO™ Cloud Storage is the latest addition to Tata Communications’ fast-growing IZO™ ecosystem which gives multinational organizations the freedom to choose a cloud environment suited to their requirements, underpinned by Tata Communications leading global network and partnerships. Today, over 24% of the world’s Internet routes travel over Tata Communications’ network and the company is the only Tier-1 provider that is in the top five by routes in five continents.

Tata and Video Delivery

Tata is the Official Connectivity Provider to Formula 1 and has been chosen by Formula One Management (FOM) to provide broadcast services for the GP2™, GP3™ and Porsche Supercup racing series. Tata Communications will provide a fully diverse end-to-end fiber and satellite solution to broadcasters from across the globe at the 12 race locations in 2015.

With this agreement broadcasters will have access to a provider with knowledge and experience in motor racing and the infrastructure capability to provide specific media management and movement services that go above and beyond the core technology.

Bernie Ecclestone, Chief Executive Officer of the Formula One group commented, “We are always looking to help provide our partners and clients with the highest standards of support and service and our decision to appoint Tata Communications as the provider of these broadcast services is designed to deliver this.”

The agreement will also enable broadcasters covering GP2, GP3 and Porsche Supercup races to take advantage of Tata Communications’ Race Network Operations Centre (NOC), located in the Formula 1 Technical Centre, Formula One Management’s 150 ton, 750 square meter nerve center present at every F1 Event.

Servicing the requirements of GP2, GP3 and the Porsche Supercup is a key milestone in Tata Communications’ journey as a Technology Supplier to Formula 1, and as an enabler of innovation in sport. Tata Communications already provides MPLS, Internet access and managed hosting and security, as well as Content Delivery Network (CDN) and co-location services for FOM.

This robust global platform also delivers data and live broadcast quality video to FOM and since 2012 Tata Communications has successfully supported 57 races with over 400 hours of live service management. The same platform also delivers a range of connectivity services to the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One™ Team and Chello DMC, which distributes to Dutch sports channel Sport1.

Tata Communications installs and tests its network infrastructure in two days at the 20 race locations, then dismantles it in just three hours after each race.

Each Formula 1 race demands a range of connected services similar to that of a small city. By consolidating fixed line connectivity needs with Tata Communications, Formula One Management will be able to take the greatest possible advantage of that infrastructure and tap into the versatility, on and off-site support and existing knowledge and experience of our platform and our team. We are a unique player in the ecosystem and well-placed to help deliver high quality live feeds to customers all over the world.

China Telecom Video

Tata Communications has a video network partnership with China Telecom Global to enable and manage media content for customers in China and globally. This partnership leverages China Telecom Global’s regional expertise and leadership and Tata Communications’ Global Video Network to ensure a compelling service offering to their customers.

The partnership, which began with the successful delivery of the 2015 World Figure Skating Championship from Shanghai to Japan, enables China Telecom Global to leverage the global reach, quality and reliability of Tata Communications’ Global Video Network to offer unparalleled reach for all their live sporting events in China.

Mr. Pengcheng Fan, Vice President, Product Development, China Telecom Global, says, “Mobile video consumption is growing at an exponential rate with a robust growth trajectory expected in the next five years. Through our new video network partnership, China Telecom Global can provide seamless connectivity for our media and entertainment customers across China. The partnership is defined by connectivity to key global destinations, premium quality and industry leading SLAs. We are excited about this partnership as it helps to further differentiate our service offerings in the market.”

Reports state that Mobile Video will generate more than 69 percent of Mobile Data traffic by 2019. To ensure that its customers have the absolute in leading edge technology, Tata Communications recently launched the new Media Ecosystem which combines traditional video contribution services with IP-based connectivity.

The ecosystem enables seamless management of content as a cloud-based managed service and supports global media distribution requirements, OTT and mobility applications. This platform provides customers with flexibility and intelligence, allowing customers to experiment with new formats and to launch new services and channels at the touch of a button.

Brian Morris, Vice President & General Manager, Global Media & Entertainment services, Tata Communications says,  “Tata Communications is dedicated to offering its media customers access to key media hotspots for the distribution of premium broadcast quality content across the globe. This partnership with China Telecom Global is a natural step in that direction and marks the expansion of Tata Communications’ Global Video Network reach into China. We are excited to leverage China Telecom Global’s video network in China and to offer our customers access to this key region, connecting broadcasters, media and entertainment providers, news bureaus and service providers across the globe.”

Tata Communications delivers world-class connectivity backed by the company’s leading global fiber network. Its Video Network covers more than 300 media hotspots in 125 cities globally. Today, over 24% of the world’s Internet routes travel over Tata Communications’ network and the company is the only Tier-1 provider that is in the top five by routes in five continents.

The network inter-connect between Tata Communications and China Telecom Global is located in Hong Kong.