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Telecom Review North America

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Banner Data

Top: Size: 468 x 60 pixels.
Side: Size: 220x60 pixels or 220x220 pixels.

Format: gif, Jpeg, or flash

Technical Data

Single Full Page (applies to Outside Back Cover as well):

- TRIM size: 21.5cm width 28cm height
- BLEED size: 22cm width 29cm height
- PRINT size: 23cm width 29.5cm height

Double Page (applies to Inside Front Cover Spread as well):

-TRIM size: 43cm width 28cm height
- BLEED size: 44cm width 29cm height
- PRINT size: 46cm width 31cm height

Front Cover Gatefold:

-TRIM size: 42.6cm width 28cm height
- BLEED size: 44.6cm width 29cm height
- PRINT size: 48.6cm width 31cm height

For text and pictures, there will be 0.7cm which will be lost (in the IFC, IFCS, and IBC) due to binding. Therefore, leave a 0.7cm inside margin for the previously mentioned positions. For the other sides, you should keep 0.3cm inside the trim sizes mentioned above.

  • TRIM SIZE: the final size of the magazine
  • BLEED SIZE: Trim size + 0.5cm from each side
  • PRINT SIZE: Trim size + 1.5cm from each side

Formats Of Ads

A high Resolution Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or Quark Xpress format.

Advertising Rates

Please call, or email us at [email protected], for a custom quote.

For Advertising


Telecom Review North America
3616 Far West Blvd, Suite 117-301
Austin Texas 78610
Fax 512-312-9265
[email protected]


Telecom Review North America LLC
137 Glenholme Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M6E 3C5
Tel +1-514-947-0287
[email protected]